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Re: NDSolve (loop)

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  • Subject: [mg117020] Re: NDSolve (loop)
  • From: Mark Fisher <particlefilter at>
  • Date: Tue, 8 Mar 2011 05:32:50 -0500 (EST)
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On Mar 7, 5:53 am, greg28 <grega.smrk... at> wrote:
> Hi,
> let me be more specific about my problem. My code in mathematica is:
> _______________________________________
> T=1000 (truncation of time, assuming that V(s,x)-> V(x)  
>         as T-> infinity)
> alpha= 0.1
> pde= some complicated expression (involving 1st and 2nd
 order derivatives)
> soln = NDSolve[{pde, V[0, x] == 0,
>    V[s, xu] == 0, (D[V[s, x], x] /. x -> xd) == 0},
>   V[s, x], {s, 0, T}, {x, xd, xu},
>   Method -> {"MethodOfLines",
>     "SpatialDiscretization" -> {"TensorProductGrid",
>       "MinPoints" -> 1000}} ]
> _______________________________________
> This is then a particular solution for alpha=0.1.
> However, my problem is to find a value of alpha,
> at which, for instance, V[x=0.3]=alpha/2. So I
> need to write a loop which will stop when this
> condition is satisfied. The problem is that one
> evaluation takes a lot of time, so I wonder whether
> it is somehow possible to speed up NDSolve, e.g.
> by somehow telling mathematica what the solution for
> alpha=0.1 was when solving for alpha=0.2 or something
> like this. The shape of V should not differ too much
> between alpha=0.1 and alpha=0.2...

Maybe this will help. Let W[x] == V[Tmax,x] denote the solution given
your current value of alpha. For the next value of alpha use V[0,s] ==
W[x] as your starting condition instead of V[0,s] = 0. That may put
you closer to the solution, making it easier for Matheamtica to proceed and
also allowing you to reduce Tmax.


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