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Royalty free runtime for Mathematica

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  • Subject: [mg117034] Royalty free runtime for Mathematica
  • From: Fonseca <public at>
  • Date: Tue, 8 Mar 2011 05:35:32 -0500 (EST)


I'm looking for a way of calling the Mathematica runtime, in a royalty-
free way, like some other mathematics software have.

I know there is a .net/link.

What I can't find is the possibility of using this functionality in a
royalty free way, that is, without the end user of my .net application
(or some other technology) having to buy the full mathematica or any
other package to run it.

That I know of, there's at least one other (big) software that offers
this runtime for FREE.

If there isn't something like this in Mathematica, I ask WR to please
reconsider it (probably many of you have already asked), because this
might become my turning point to start working with the other
software, and probably it already is for a lot of other professionals.
Even more that, in the corporate world, when I ask for a Mathematica
license everybody asks me "what's that? Are you becoming a
mathematician?" (lets hope that the new CDF can help us all on that),
but if I ask for a license on another (big) software, the answer
becomes "I think we have a couple of licenses on the research
department. We could ask them if they are using..."

Although any comments on profit strategy are welcome (and I'm already
assuming the functionality isn't there), I'll consider them out of
context on the current market where there are a lot of royalty free
alternatives for this runtime distribution (like the one I'm
considering). If so, why am I bothering you? Well, because I have a
slightly biased preference for Mathematica (as probably most of us in
this newsgroup have), but, at the end of the day, I just need things

I currently have a spreadsheet add-in application that needs of
serious extension, and I've been looking for the simplest free way of
adding more power functionality to it. There is no possibility of
buying some hundreds runtime licenses, unless they only cost a couple
of dollars each, or less. Why so little? Because it happens that
nowadays, in our competitive world, most corporates don't have any
money to spare unless it is strictly necessary, and so the developer
(assuming non professional soft developer) ends up producing a new
business tool at his own cost (effort). Having an expensive runtime
ends up the possibility of being used on all this small to medium
projects that, in the three thousand people company where I work (and
others that I know of), end up being the most common and also most
successful tools.

I fell that the WR strategy is much more adapted for academic and
research fields than for corporate business, where other packages end
up having much better adapted strategies.

I've been extending the functionality of excel with XLL (that's like a
dll based on a special framework), but I can't seem to find a way to
link this XLL with anything else either than other free .net
libraries, or the free run-time offered by the other software

A couple o days ago I sent a post to this forum with a compiled
library question (unfortunately, still no answer), asking how to link
a mathematica generated C code compiled library with a program outside
mathematica (can't figure out the data types, or if there are
dependencies). But even if this ends up working, I can only use
Mathematica as a RAD interface, and not for the more complex stuff,
since it is not possible to compile those (other packages return a
compiled library that keeps contact with their full runtime).

Are there more people in this forum that share the same need?
If yes, please leave a comment so that my voice becomes louder.

P. Fonseca

P.S. just on the day that the new 8.0.1 player is coming out, I need
to add that, although the player or CDF idea is a good one, and there
aren't practical alternatives on the market to do what the player does
(and for this I think we all have to congratulate WR on the result),
it is out of the question using it's technology to develop the type of
applications I'm talking, due to the lack of integration with all
other software tools that is expected and fundamental on a corporate
competitive world.

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