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Re: Royalty free runtime for Mathematica

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  • Date: Wed, 9 Mar 2011 07:00:13 -0500 (EST)
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I'm with you 100%.
I'm meeting Wolfram representative in London next week and I hope I will 
get a better understanding of their vision.

On 08/03/11 10:36, Fonseca wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm looking for a way of calling the Mathematica runtime, in a royalty-
> free way, like some other mathematics software have.
> I know there is a .net/link.
> What I can't find is the possibility of using this functionality in a
> royalty free way, that is, without the end user of my .net application
> (or some other technology) having to buy the full mathematica or any
> other package to run it.
> That I know of, there's at least one other (big) software that offers
> this runtime for FREE.
> If there isn't something like this in Mathematica, I ask WR to please
> reconsider it (probably many of you have already asked), because this
> might become my turning point to start working with the other
> software, and probably it already is for a lot of other professionals.
> Even more that, in the corporate world, when I ask for a Mathematica
> license everybody asks me "what's that? Are you becoming a
> mathematician?" (lets hope that the new CDF can help us all on that),
> but if I ask for a license on another (big) software, the answer
> becomes "I think we have a couple of licenses on the research
> department. We could ask them if they are using..."
> Although any comments on profit strategy are welcome (and I'm already
> assuming the functionality isn't there), I'll consider them out of
> context on the current market where there are a lot of royalty free
> alternatives for this runtime distribution (like the one I'm
> considering). If so, why am I bothering you? Well, because I have a
> slightly biased preference for Mathematica (as probably most of us in
> this newsgroup have), but, at the end of the day, I just need things
> done...
> I currently have a spreadsheet add-in application that needs of
> serious extension, and I've been looking for the simplest free way of
> adding more power functionality to it. There is no possibility of
> buying some hundreds runtime licenses, unless they only cost a couple
> of dollars each, or less. Why so little? Because it happens that
> nowadays, in our competitive world, most corporates don't have any
> money to spare unless it is strictly necessary, and so the developer
> (assuming non professional soft developer) ends up producing a new
> business tool at his own cost (effort). Having an expensive runtime
> ends up the possibility of being used on all this small to medium
> projects that, in the three thousand people company where I work (and
> others that I know of), end up being the most common and also most
> successful tools.
> I fell that the WR strategy is much more adapted for academic and
> research fields than for corporate business, where other packages end
> up having much better adapted strategies.
> I've been extending the functionality of excel with XLL (that's like a
> dll based on a special framework), but I can't seem to find a way to
> link this XLL with anything else either than other free .net
> libraries, or the free run-time offered by the other software
> supplier.
> A couple o days ago I sent a post to this forum with a compiled
> library question (unfortunately, still no answer), asking how to link
> a mathematica generated C code compiled library with a program outside
> mathematica (can't figure out the data types, or if there are
> dependencies). But even if this ends up working, I can only use
> Mathematica as a RAD interface, and not for the more complex stuff,
> since it is not possible to compile those (other packages return a
> compiled library that keeps contact with their full runtime).
> Are there more people in this forum that share the same need?
> If yes, please leave a comment so that my voice becomes louder.
> Regards,
> P. Fonseca
> P.S. just on the day that the new 8.0.1 player is coming out, I need
> to add that, although the player or CDF idea is a good one, and there
> aren't practical alternatives on the market to do what the player does
> (and for this I think we all have to congratulate WR on the result),
> it is out of the question using it's technology to develop the type of
> applications I'm talking, due to the lack of integration with all
> other software tools that is expected and fundamental on a corporate
> competitive world.

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