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Re: Notebook interface and Wolfram-Alpha

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  • Subject: [mg117151] Re: Notebook interface and Wolfram-Alpha
  • From: Murray Eisenberg <murray at>
  • Date: Thu, 10 Mar 2011 06:15:08 -0500 (EST)

That's strange: With Mathematica 8.0.1 under Mac OSX, whenever I open a 
new (blank) notebook, the first thing I see is a horizontal line with 
the + symbol just below its left end, indicating that's where I can type 
input in a new cell.  And then after I evaluate a cell, immediately 
below the output I see such a line with the + icon there, too.  (The 
line and + go away as soon as you begin to type in the new cell.)

I find this a handy confirmation that the cursor is where a new cell can 
be created -- a more immediately visible indicator that the old way.

this can be handy, especially, for novice users who may be puzzled as to 
where to type input. Yet the line and + icon are so unobtrusive that 
they certainly don't annoy me, a very long-time and experienced 
Mathematica user.  (I just don't get what could be so "annoying" about 
it -- other than that it's something a bit new and different.)

I see the same behavior with Mathematica 8.0.1 under Windows (XP). And 
I'm pretty sure the new behavior began with 8.0.0.

On 3/9/2011 6:57 AM, DrMajorBob wrote:
> I don't see any "plus" signs on my Mac with version 8, so this thread is a
> mystery to me.
> Bobby
> On Tue, 08 Mar 2011 04:37:39 -0600, Didier laplot
> <didier.laplot at>  wrote:
>> David Park suggested setting CellInsertionPointCell->None and
>> ShowCellBracket->True (or False), but these settings do not get rid of
>> this small annoyance on my Mac version.
>> He was also kind enough to send me his PresentationStyle stylesheet
>> and when this stylesheet is applied to a notebook, indeed the "plus"
>> sign does not appear.
>> But I'm still looking for a way to suppress the "plus" sign in a
>> notebook in version 8 without having to resort to any particular
>> stylesheet. A global option setting in the system that would revert
>> the display to the old simple traditional notebook interface.
>> Thanks.

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