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Re: Significant Gene expression analysis in Mathematica

Thanks for first link, it has good information.
I will get back If I have any questions.
Rlink is no more supported or sold by ScienceOps.
However, I tried calling R in mathematica: I dont like the syntax, too much to type, I guess R is easier to use or i need more example to use in a efficient way: here is the code: 

 myR = CreateCOMObject["StatConnectorSrv.StatConnector"]

In[204]:= myR@Init["R"]

In[205]:= myR@SetSymbol["xxx", 12321]

In[206]:= result1 = myR@GetSymbol["xxx"]

Out[206]= 12321

In[215]:= myR@EvaluateNoReturn["randmat<-matrix(rnorm(10),5)"]

In[216]:= rmat = myR@GetSymbol["randmat"]

Out[216]= {{1.43101, -1.06414}, {-0.537657, 
  1.67959}, {1.44504, -1.53561}, {1.07856, -0.0876002}, {0.823937, \

In[217]:= Dimensions[rmat]

Out[217]= {5, 2}

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