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Re: Problem displaying user-created .cdf files

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  • Subject: [mg122996] Re: Problem displaying user-created .cdf files
  • From: Gary <gpalmerlv at>
  • Date: Sun, 20 Nov 2011 05:34:52 -0500 (EST)
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I previously reported that the slider controls in my Manipulate[]
graphic were gray and inactive. Setting "Format --> Option Inspector --
> Cell Options --> General Properties --> Deployed --> True" did not
help (yes, the file was selected). But next to Deployed, I noticed
Enabled, so I set Deployed --> False and set Enabled --> True. That
turned on the blue slider buttons again. I rechecked by setting
Enabled --> False and resetting Deployed --> True. That produced
inactive slider buttons. Furthermore, in the main Cell menu, the
Delete All Output choice was now grayed out. I again set Deployed -->
False and set Enabled --> True and got the active controls back as
well as an active Delete All Output. So I did the obvious, setting
both Deployed and Enabled to True. The controls are active and Delete
All Output is active. The instructions I have found all said to set
Deployed --> True, but I con't recall any mention of Enabled. It is
not clear to me what Deployed --> True does in this situation. Enabled
--> True seems to be both necessary and sufficient, at least within
the notebook. Does Deployed affect only the cdf files?

I am puzzled that my many searches for online documentation on this
point produced only snippets of information on Deployed (generally
with incomplete information on where to find it) and no information at
all on Cell Options --> General Properties --> Enabled (True/False).
For example, I don't find it here <
mathematica/ref/Manipulate.html>. I feel a need for a few collected
pages of expanded discussion of when and where the various options
available under the Options Inspector are or are not needed. There is
a great need for a document on trouble shooting. The technical
descriptions are not always obvious to a beginner. I am picking up a
few things, but at a cost which seems unnecessarily high. Some of the
needed discussion might be scattered among the many books on
Mathematica, or many of the answers might be concentrated in one or
two books, but which ones?

Mathematica Home Edition 8, iMac, OS X 10.6.8, Chrome, Firefox

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