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import data problem

Hi out there,

I don't understad what happens with my data...

There are 401 lines of input data). The last lines are:

  19.7999992 -9.13599968
  19.8500004 -11.6960001
  19.8999996 -11.9519997
  19.9500008 -12.2080002
  20. -12.9759998

Importing these data in Mathematica via

data = Import["00000.dat", "Table"]

and everything seems to be ok. But if I try this:

y = LinearModelFit[data, {x, x^2}, x]

there is the error message: LinearModelFit::ivar: "{20.05} is not a
valid variable"

and the output is printed as:

{19.85, -11.696}, {19.9, -11.952}, {19.95, -12.208}, {20., -12.976}},
{20.05, 402.003}, 20.05]

Why are the data extended to {20.05, 402.003}, 20.05]?

Thanks a lot for your hint. I hope that this question ist not too
stupid, but I feel I am standing in front of a wall and don't know how
to overcome this...

Thanks a lot.


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