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Re: problem in minimization of a matrix

Dear Bobby,

Ï?[α_, Ï?0_, t_, r_, Ï?_, Ï?_] = 
  Det[At[α, Ï?0, t, r] - 
    Ct[α, Ï?0, t, r] Inverse[(At[α, Ï?0, t, r] + Ï?M[Ï?, Ï?])] Ct[α, Ï?0, t, r]â??];

and would like to minimize Ï?[α_, Ï?0_, t_, r_, Ï?_, Ï?_]  over all Ï?M[Ï?, Ï?]  using the numerical minimization procedure but I couldn't understand how to proceed. The last time you sent me was minimization over  Ï?M[Ï?, Ï?] but I would like to find numerical values for the matrix Tau of course At[\[Alpha], \[Omega]0, t, r] & Ct[\[Alpha], \[Omega]0, t, r] are known that is defined on the notebook i sent you last time. As I understand from your last comment the minimum is 1/4 for the matrix Tau but couldn't find numerical value of Tau for any values of  [Alpha], \[Omega]0, t, r]   

Again, many thanks for all the support!!!


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