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Re: Wolfram LinkLibrary and additional dll on Windows

On Fri, 07 Oct 2011 19:49:11 +0100, Oleksandr Rasputinov  
<oleksandr_rasputinov at> wrote:

> The issue may be that LoadLibrary("tbb.dll") fails due to not locating  
> tbb.dll on the search path--note that Windows's search path and  
> Mathematica's $LibraryPath are in general very different (for example,  
> on my system they contain nothing in common). If this is the case, then  
> as I see it you have at least three options:
> 1. set the Windows search path to $LibraryPath using SetDllDirectory()  
> before calling LoadLibrary() (here I assume that you would rather not  
> hard-code a fully qualified path due to possible difference between  
> installations);
> 2. load the library using LoadLibrary(), but giving a fully qualified  
> path to the file as found by FindLibrary[];
> 3. use LoadLibrary["tbb.dll"] as part of your package initialization to  
> have Mathematica do this for you before you load your own library.
> Of these, option 3 seems preferable to me. Actually, I'm surprised that  
> LibraryFunctionLoad worked on tbb.dll considering that this will not  
> contain any WolframLibrary_initialize function or indeed adhere to the  
> Wolfram Library specification in any other respect.

Sorry: in option 3, LoadLibrary["tbb.dll"] should (obviously?) be  
LibraryLoad["tbb.dll"]. I had mixed up the similarly named Windows  
function with the Mathematica one.

In fact, LibraryLoad["tbb"] is probably better than  
LibraryLoad["tbb.dll"], as this should work on all platforms provided that  
the library can actually be found somewhere in $LibraryPath.

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