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Different scales on the same axis

Hi all,
I have two different functions: f1 defined in the range -800<x<0, and f2 in
the range 0<x<200. The graphics of f1 and f2 in the same plot could be done,
for instance, with (I'm using version

f1[x_] := Sin[x Degree];
t1 = {#, f1[#]} & /@ Range[-800, 0, 5];
f2[x_] := 2 Sin[x Degree]*Exp[-x/100];
t2 = {#, f2[#]} & /@ Range[0, 200, 5];
ListLinePlot[{t1, t2}, PlotRange -> {{-800, 200}, {-1.1, 1.1}}, PlotStyle ->
Thick, Frame -> True, AspectRatio -> .5]

How can I "squeeze" the x axis of the plot of f1 (-800<x<0) to have the
center of the coordinates (0,0) exactly at the middle of the plot frame?

Thank you.

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