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  • Subject: [mg122422] InputAliases
  • From: Tom De Vries <tidetabletom at>
  • Date: Fri, 28 Oct 2011 05:34:16 -0400 (EDT)
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Hello everyone,

I hesitate to share because I'm mostly a watcher and learner.
I benefit from the input of this group, and I know I don't know a lot
about Mathematica!

I learned something that might be useful and so I thought, even at the
risk of sharing something obvious, maybe someone might benefit.

I haven't used InputAliases too much,  but experimented a bit with them.

I found out that you can actually use more than just simple word replacements.

I typed a few expressions I was using for some math notes I was
creating,  used Show Expression on the cell,  got the required parts,
and then created an input  alias with that.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that it worked!

Here are a couple examples.

If you aren't familiar,  you can use these,  type esc,  the alias, and
esc  to get it to expand.

So , for example,  if you evaluate the line below in a notebook,  then
,type  something like   Here is the distance formula,  esc key,
distform  esc key,  it will expand to give you the distance formula.

If any others are using InputAliases,  I'd be happy to hear how, and
if there are other ways to help with typing and speeding that process


 InputAliases -> {

   (*sequence and series*)
   "cr" -> "common ratio",

   "gs1" ->
    Cell[TextData[{"For a ", "geometric sequence/series,  ", " ",
           RowBox[{FractionBox[SubscriptBox["t", "2"],
              SubscriptBox["t", "1"]], "=", " ",
             RowBox[{FractionBox[SubscriptBox["t", "3"],
                SubscriptBox["t", "2"]], "=", "r"}]}],
           "DisplayFormula"], TraditionalForm]]]}], "Text"],

   (*coordinate geometry*)

   "distform" ->
        FormBox[RowBox[{"d", " ", "=", " ",
                 RowBox[{SubscriptBox["x", "2"], "-",
                   SubscriptBox["x", "1"]}], ")"}], "2"], "+",
                 RowBox[{SubscriptBox["y", "2"], "-",
                   SubscriptBox["y", "1"]}], ")"}], "2"]}]]}],
         TraditionalForm]], FormatType -> "TraditionalForm"]],


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