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How to generate ``nice'' algebra output from command-line mathematica?

I have a .m file that I am running mathematica on the command line
(using a linux cluster, qsub, and piping the output to a file).  The
generated algebra gets extremely complicated.  I would love to be able
to see the output formatted in a familiar mathematica form (e.g. with
the lambda symbol instead of \[Lambda], integrals, etc.).

Are there any tricks to generate a mathematica workbook or something
equivalent that I can read after my job is complete?  If necessary, I
don't mind choosing some of the algebraic expressions and saving to a
binary file at the end rather than having the whole session stored.  I
don't need to resulting file to be an interactive workbook, so if
there is some way to generate Latex or some static output, then I
would be happy with that approach.


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