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Image Processing Pixel Values Export Question

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  • Subject: [mg125961] Image Processing Pixel Values Export Question
  • From: Physica <oren.sternberg at>
  • Date: Tue, 10 Apr 2012 02:27:07 -0400 (EDT)
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I am trying to store a bunch of values (pixels) into a file everything
seems ok until I try to push the value to XLS file the XLS file just
stores the variable name instead of the values. Can someone help me
with pushing the right values

Codes loads a movie (H264) records the pixels of one channel and
stores the values per frame, then it supposed to store the values into
xls file


(* Import Video *)
VideoL = Import[
   "D:\\experiment\\", {{"BitDepth", "ColorSpace",
     "Duration", "FrameCount", "FrameRate", "ImageSize",

FrameCount = VideoL[[4]];
(* Enter how many frames you wish to load *)
nFrames = Array[0 + # &, 3];
lFrames = Length[nFrames]
(* Reload Image*)
h = Import[
   "D:\\experiment\\", {"QuickTime", "Frames", nFrames}];
(* jCount = 1;
iCount = 1;
PixelValues = ImageData[h[[jCount]]][[170, 101]][[iCount]]; *)
Table[PV[i], {i, 1, lFrames, 1}];

For[i = 1, i <= lFrames, i++,
 PV[i] = ImageData[h[[i]]][[170, 101]][[1]]]

Export["mfile.xls", PV, "XLS"]

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