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Re: Question about DayOfWeek


Equal can only compare "between numbers or other raw data, such as
strings." If symbols are involved the expression will be interpreted
by Mathematica as an equation.

Head /@ {Wednesday, Thursday}

{Symbol, Symbol}

You need to use SameQ ( === ) to test whether symbols are literally
the same symbol.

Wednesday === Thursday


DayOfWeek[{1975, 1, 1}] === Wednesday


DayOfWeek[{1975, 1, 1}] === Thursday



ToString[Wednesday] == ToString[Thursday]


ToString /@ (DayOfWeek[{1975, 1, 1}] == Thursday)


Bob Hanlon

On Tue, Apr 24, 2012 at 5:34 AM, Kent Holing <KHO at> wrote:
> DayOfWeek[{1975,1,1}]==Wednesday gives True (as it should), but DayOfWeek[{1975,1,1}]==Thursday gives
> Wednesday == Thursday and not False, as it should? Why is it so?

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