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Re: Question about DayOfWeek

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   Wednesday == Wednesday

is comparing two _identical_ symbolic expressions, hence gives True. But

  Wednesday == Thursday

is comparing two non-identical objects with head Symbol, hence cannot 
determine that they are equal and so returns the input expression 

That's just like evaluating, say,

   a == b

where a and b are just symbols with no value assigned to them; you 
obtain the input as result.

Did you read the documentation?

The page ref/Equal (==) says this function returns False when the two 
objects "are determined to be unequal by comparisons between numbers or 
other raw data, such as strings." But Wednesday and Thursday are 
evidently not such data.

Compare that with the documentation ref/SameQ (===). Thus:

   Wednesday === Wednesday

   Wednesday === Thursday

That's the function you need to use for your evidently intended purpose.

On 4/24/12 5:34 AM, Kent Holing wrote:
> DayOfWeek[{1975,1,1}]==Wednesday gives True (as it should), but DayOfWeek[{1975,1,1}]==Thursday gives
> Wednesday == Thursday and not False, as it should? Why is it so?

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