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a bug in V8 when computing hypergeometric function 2F0 ?


can anybody help?

i have been trying to compute the value of  HypergeometricPFQ[{1,
0.5}, { }, 0.5] on mathematica V8.

mathematica does not return a numerical value , except to say  that
the output is " complex infinity".

my hunch is that  something is not right here  as an earlier version
of mathematica ,   (V4  i think)  ,  is  able to do the job and give
the answer ... 1.27998+ 0.339235 i. This result is found in the book "
mathematica guide book for symbolics" by Michael Trott.

s is there a bug somewwere?

i have another  question: can this be calculated on V7 ?


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