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Re: Question about Integration and citation

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  • Date: Sun, 29 Apr 2012 02:11:51 -0400 (EDT)
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You have a Mathematica syntax error in the integrand. I presume you meant:

   Integrate[Log[1 + a x]*x^n*E^(-b x), {x, 0, Infinity}]

You'll get a ConditionalExpression result from that (in Mathematica 
8.0.4 at least).

For citation, I did a Google search on "how to cite mathematica" and found:

On 4/28/12 5:24 AM, mehdimolu wrote:
> Hi,
> I need to perform an integration as follows:
> --->  Integrate[Log(1+a x)*x^n*E^(-b x),{x,0,Infinity}]
> The Mathematica installed on my mac performs the integration and outputs
> some results but when I use wolframalpha,the answer is "No more results
> available", even after pressing "Try again with more time" button.
> the other question is that I need a citation when I use the mentioned
> integration in a paper but I searched in several integration table books and
> website but could not find anything for
> citation.
> can any one, please, help me...

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