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Re: Fitting part of a List

On 7/30/12 at 10:14 PM, eppi2.0 at (Butterfly87) wrote:

>I have a set of data(63 pairs) of the form {x-Value, Intensity}
>imported to Mathematica. I also managed to extract the data pairs 5
>to 25 using the Take-function. I want to fit these data using the
>Fitfunction TS[q] and FindFit. I told Mathematica to follow this
>Input: FindFit[d2[q], TS[q], {{a, 1000}, {b, 1500}, {c, 0.008}}, q]

You are using q for two distinct purposes:

1) as the independent variable for your model TS[q]
2) as a known parameter to select a portion of your data d2[q]

You cannot use q for both of these purposes in a single call to FindFit.

Also, be aware ds2[q] is the function evaluated at q, not a
selection for a subset of your data. It is possible to use the
notation ds2[q] as a subscripted variable. But unless you data
is different than what you seem to be describing (an n x 2
array), even if you use this correctly as a subscripted variable
you would be choosing a single data point which clearly won't work.

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