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Re: Why no OSX SystemDialogInput["RecordSound"]?

Programs like iChat and FaceTime work just fine on Macs (to say nothing of Skype), so the basic functionality in the OS must be available.

I do know that the ktxt (?? sp.) that SnapzPro X uses to record audio for its product was broken in OS X 10.8, but they are working on a fix.

My guess is that there is no generic (Windows/Mac/Linux) solution.

I have spoke with the Wolfram developers in the last year about adding audio recording capability (to match the video capture of the built-in camera), and they indicated that they were working on it.


On Aug 5, 2012, at 2:35 AM, djmpark <djmpark at> wrote:

> It works on Windows 7, but what good is it? Its only purpose seems to be to
> insert audio comments into a notebook, consuming a lot of space.
> My last experience with an Apple product was an Apple II computer so I am
> hopelessly out of date with them. I am probably missing good things but
> people I communicate with and comments on MathGroup seem to describe a few
> problems and disconnects with Macs, the above being just one example. I
> recently looked into meeting software because this would be great for
> collaboration and demonstrating notebooks - if it is at a reasonable price
> and if it works. HP has meeting software called Virtual Rooms. But they
> state that there is no audio communication with Mac computers. There is
> software called TeamViewer that Ii tried but again there were deficiencies
> with Macs. It wasn't possible to drop files that a Mac user could pick up.
> All my attempts were with Mac users and only one of them was successful. In
> the others the software either crashed or there was annoying delayed
> reverberation with the audio.
> David Park
> djmpark at 
> From: David Reiss [mailto:dbreiss at] 
> Does anyone have any insight as to why
> SystemDialogInput["RecordSound"]
> is not implemented on the OSX platform?
> Is it because there is no sound recording API for OSX?  I don't know that
> there is not a sound recording API for OSX, just wondering if none
> exists....  If none exists, Id find that odd....
> Any nights appreciated.
> --David

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