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Bar Graphs and Frame Labels

Hey there.  I'm trying to label the x-axis of a bar graph that is framed.
 Here's the code:

BarChart[{68, 56, 48, 37, 9},
 FrameTicks -> {{Automatic, None}, {None, None}}, ImageSize -> 400,
 PlotRange -> {{0.3, 5.5}, {0, 70.5}},
 PlotLabel -> Style["Revenues (in millions) in Foreign Aid \r to Central
American Countries, 2011", 14],
 Frame -> True, Axes -> {False, True},
 ChartLabels -> Placed[{"Guatemala ", "Honduras ", "El Salvador ",
"Nicaragua ", "Panama "}, Below, Rotate[#, Pi/2] &],
 FrameLabel -> {Graphics[Text["Country", Bottom]],
   "Foreign Aid (in millions of dollars)"} ]

However, there is a very large gap between the labels of the bars and the
label of the frame. Is there any way for the frame label be moved a lot

Thanks much for the help!

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