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Re: Modifying Default Stylesheet

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  • Subject: [mg128994] Re: Modifying Default Stylesheet
  • From: Murray Eisenberg <murray at>
  • Date: Fri, 7 Dec 2012 01:40:13 -0500 (EST)
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I suggest that EVERYBODY unhappy with these Default stylesheet changes 
immediately complain to WRI:

  suggestions at
  support at

I know I'm going to do so.

On Dec 6, 2012, at 4:56 AM, David Reiss <dbreiss at> wrote:

> I have issues with the modifications of the default Style sheet as
> well.  The substantive changes have broken a large number of things
> for me.  There is the option, for legacy documents, to retain the
> previous version's styles.  But if you do any editing of the
> document's private style sheet then the overall styles revert to the
> new styles...
> So, my opinion is that this is a significant design mistake:  styles
> that have been used since version 3 (e.g., black typefaces for
> Sections & c, Times font for Textual cells, and so on) are now changed
> significantly.  The right way, in my opinion, to have handled this
> would have been to create an alternative DefaultNew stylesheet and
> give the user the option of choosing it to use as he or she wishes.
> But the general styling changes for the Default.nb stylesheet should
> have been only tweaked, not broadly changed.
> But to get to one aspect of your question:  if you make an edit to the
> default stylesheet then, whenever you upgrade your copy of
> Mathematica, those changes will be lost since the stylesheet will be
> replaced at the upgrade.
> On Dec 5, 3:11 am, George Woodrow III <george... at> wrote:
>> Hi --
>> I have issues with the use of Arial in the default stylesheet in 
version 9. I would like to replace all instances of Arial in the 
stylesheet with something else (such as Times).
>> I found the location of the default stylesheet (in the package 
contents -- I'm using OS X).
>> I can open the stylesheet file in BBEdit and do a simple 
search/replace of the FontFamily. If I then save this file, all 
references will be replaced.
>> My question is, will I mess anything up by doing this?
>> I have read previous threads about modifying a stylesheet and then 
using the Options inspector to set this as the default. The problem with 
this is that the edited stylesheets are 'delta' documents, and record 
only changes.  I can never be sure that I have overwritten all instances 
of Arial (for example) in all the various options.
>> I can do a test (making a copy of the original default) on my 'home 
use' computer, but even if it seems to work initially, I would like to 
know if there are any hidden issues.
>> Thanks.
>> george woodrow

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