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Re: Date Formatting

First, you have to write DateListPlot instead of DataListPlot. Second, set dates = {"Mar-28-2008", "Apr-03-2009"} instead of {"Mar-28-2008","Apr-03-2009"} = dates. Then it works OK.

> From: ross.d.chapman at
> Subject: Date Formatting
> To: mathgroup at
> Date: Sat, 8 Dec 2012 01:30:16 -0500
> Hello all,
> Quick question re: date formatting:
> So I've imported a data set externally from Excel with the intent to try to plot a time series graph. Unfortunately, the dates have come in the following format:
> Mar-28-2008
> When using the DateListPlot function, Mathematica does recognize this date format as a date, as long as you put each data point into the formula individually, and put quotations around them, e.g.:
> DataListPlot[{1,2},{"Mar-28-2008", "Apr-03-2009"}] works as a function, BUT if you set {"Mar-28-2008", "Apr-03-2009"}=dates, and use DataListPlot[{1,2},{dates}], it doesn't work.
> Anyone have ideas on how to reformat the dates so it works? It appears that there's some sort of disconnect when the dates are entered into a series.
> Thanks!

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