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Export graphics without notebook ( using .m file)

It is example from help:
div[{vx_, vy_}] := D[vx, x] + D[vy, y]; 
vf = {Cos[x + y^3], Sin[y + x^3]}; 
fig = StreamDensityPlot[Evaluate[{vf, div[vf]}], {x, -3, 3}, 
    {y, -3, 3}, StreamPoints -> Fine, StreamScale -> Large, 
    ColorFunction -> "Rainbow", MaxRecursion -> 2, 
    LightingAngle -> Automatic, StreamStyle -> Black]; 
Export["tt.jpg", fig];

The question is:

Why this works fine inside Mathematica notebook
and doesnt work as a script ?

math < example.m

generates tt.jpg file but not identical as from notebook ?

Version: Mathematica 7.0 


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