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Announcement: New Mathematica questions and answers site launched!

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  • Subject: [mg124692] Announcement: New Mathematica questions and answers site launched!
  • From: Szabolcs HorvÃt <szhorvat at>
  • Date: Wed, 1 Feb 2012 03:46:41 -0500 (EST)
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Dear Mathematica users,

A new questions and answers site has just been launched, for all
questions related to Mathematica.  Visit it at:

The website is part of the StackExchange family of questions/answers
sites (for those familiar with StackOverflow, it is in a similar
format, but focusing specifically on Mathematica)

It has many nice features, making it a very convenient medium for
Mathematica-related questions:

 * questions and corresponding answers grouped together on the same
webpage (each page is accessible through a stable permalink)

 * formatting in posts (code blocks, headings, lists, emphasis, etc.)

 * formatted mathematical formulae (can be entered using LaTeX syntax)

 * figures can be included in posts (there is a one-click image
uploader that can be integrated directly into the Mathematica

 * categorization of questions by tagging (so they're easier to find later)

 * coming soon:  syntax highlighting for Mathematica code

This website is not a traditional discussion forum but a collectively
edited questions and answers site: ideally each question thread will
eventually become a little piece of knowledge that is of use not only
to the original asker but also to everyone who finds it using a search

Please see the preliminary FAQ before posting for the first time:

The details of the new website are still being fleshed out.  The site
is going to become what its community makes out of it, so please feel
free to ask your next Mathematica question at !

NOTE:  If you have any questions about the new site, please DO NOT
post them to MathGroup, as they would be off topic here.  Please first
see the FAQ at . For further
clarifications I refer you to the site's governance and discussion
section, (or you can mail


Finally, I'd like to showcase a few interesting posts (of the ~250
questions already asked in the past two weeks since site launch):

What is the distinction between DownValues, UpValues, SubValues, and OwnValues?

Planar graph creation

How can all those tiny polygons generated by RegionPlot be joined into
a single FilledCurve?

File-backed lists/variables for handling large data

Speeding up a fractal-generating code

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