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Re: creation of date list

You can force a date format with DateString[], so one way to do what you 
want would be

numberOfDays = DateDifference["01/02/1901", "12/13/1991"];

Map[DateString[#, {"Month", "/", "Day", "/", "Year"}] &,
 Table[DatePlus["01/02/1901", i], {i, 0, numberOfDays}]]

Note however that this date format (Month/Day/Year) is often not the 
best, as the convention in some countries is (Day/Month/Year), and many 
dates are ambiguous in this format. I try to keep everything as 
datelists until final presentation, and to avoid ambiguous formats even 
then if possible.

On Feb 3, 2012, at 2:12 AM, shippee wrote:

> I need to create a list of dates which runs from:
> 01/02/1901
> 01/03/1901
> 01/04/1901
> ...
> 12/11/1991
> 12/12/1991
> 12/13/1991
> but end up with a list of all those dates without the forward slash
> "/" - any thoughts on the best way to approach this with Mathematica?
> Please & Thanks in advance.

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