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Equation solving problem

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  • Subject: [mg125042] Equation solving problem
  • From: Juhász Péter <juhaszp.piarhf at>
  • Date: Sun, 19 Feb 2012 06:31:08 -0500 (EST)
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I have the following problem: I would like to solve a set of 3
equations, but Mathematica's solution involves unknown variables. My
input was:

Solve[{nc^2/Sqrt[1 - v^2/c^2] == mc^2/Sqrt[1 - b^2/c^2] + pc,
  nv/Sqrt[1 - v^2/c^2] == (mb Cos[\[Alpha]])/Sqrt[1 - b^2/c^2] +
    p Sin[\[Alpha]], (mb Sin[\[Alpha]])/Sqrt[1 - b^2/c^2] ==
   p Cos[\[Alpha]]}, {v, b, p}]

And the output started like:

{{v -> -(I c \[Sqrt](mc^4 nv^2 Cos[\[Alpha]]^2 -
          2 mb mc^2 nc^2 nv Cos[\[Alpha]]^3 +
          mb^2 nc^4 Cos[\[Alpha]]^4 - mb^2 pc^2 Cos[\[Alpha]]^4 -
          2 mb mc^2 nc^2 nv Cos[\[Alpha]] Sin[\[Alpha]]^2 +
          2 mb^2 nc^4 Cos[\[Alpha]]^2 Sin[\[Alpha]]^2 -
          2 mb^2 pc^2 Cos[\[Alpha]]^2 Sin[\[Alpha]]^2 +
          mb^2 nc^4 Sin[\[Alpha]]^4 -
          mb^2 pc^2 Sin[\[Alpha]]^4))/(mb pc Sqrt[
       Cos[\[Alpha]]^4 + 2 Cos[\[Alpha]]^2 Sin[\[Alpha]]^2 +
  b -> -1/(nv pc) (\[Sqrt](-c^2 mc^4 nv^2 + c^2 nv^2 pc^2 +
         2 c^2 mb mc^2 nc^2 nv Cos[\[Alpha]] -
         c^2 mb^2 nc^4 Cos[\[Alpha]]^2 -
         2 c^2 mb^2 nc^4 Sin[\[Alpha]]^2 +
         2 c^2 mb mc^2 nc^2 nv Sin[\[Alpha]] Tan[\[Alpha]] -
         c^2 mb^2 nc^4 Sin[\[Alpha]]^2 Tan[\[Alpha]]^2)),
         .... .... ....

And so on. It is clear, that if we look at the solution for v, it
involves unknowns b and p. If anyone could tell me what I did wrong, I
would highly appreciate it.

Thanks in advance: P=E9ter Juh=E1sz

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