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Re: Using .NET/Link on 64-bit Windows Server

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  • From: Todd Gayley <tgayley at>
  • Date: Sun, 19 Feb 2012 06:29:44 -0500 (EST)
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At 05:24 AM 2/17/2012, Joe Eddy wrote:
>Okay, I figured out that this is a problem with the .NET/Link library
>on a 64-bit machine when using NativeLink.  The NativeLink constructor
>doesn't have any code to detect when running a 64-bit application on a
>64-bit OS, so it will never use the Win64 API.  I added some code to
>detect this to the library and now it seems to be working fine on both
>64- and 32-bit machines.
>I already posted a follow-up with example code of the change I made in
>the NativeLink class.


Your version of .NET/Link is several years old, and was the last 
version not to support 64-bit .NET processes. I'm glad you were able 
to modify the source code to hook up the support for 64-bit programs 
(experimental at the time). This is one advantage of shipping the 
full source code to a component like .NET/Link.

An alternative, however, is to simply force your own program to 
launch in 32-bit mode. That is the program that determines the 
bitness of the .NET process. This could be as simple as setting a 
flag in Visual Studio when you compile your program (you mention that 
your program is set as "AnyCPU", which will make it launch by default 
as 64-bit on 64-bit Windows; you should set it to "x86" instead). 
This isn't feasible if your program requires a 64-bit component, such 
as a native C-language 64-bit DLL, in which case you must run 64-bit 
and .NET/Link must be able to run 64-bit as well.

Since version 7 of Mathematica, .NET/Link has happily supported 
32-bit or 64-bit .NET programs, so most readers need not be concerned 
with these details.

Todd Gayley
Wolfram Research

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