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Retrieving numerical value for ImagePadding

Note: I cross posted this to

Consider the following graphic:

    g = Graphics[Circle[], Frame -> True, FrameLabel -> {"one", "two"}]

Retrieving the `ImagePadding` by traditional means does not work:

    AbsoluteOptions[g, ImagePadding]

    (* ==> {ImagePadding -> All} *)

My guess for the reason behind this is that it is the Front End that can compute the actual value of the ImagePadding to use, so this can't be obtained without first rasterizing the image in the front end.

Is there some trick to get a numerical value for the ImagePadding so I can align two figures (make them have the same ImagePadding) *and* use an optimal value (not too small cutting off something, not too large wasting space), perhaps by asking the Front End directly?

Note that the ImagePadding is in absolute coordinates (printer's points, not plot coordinates).

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