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Re: Executing a Notebook and saving the modified Notebook - all without the GUI

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  • Subject: [mg125142] Re: Executing a Notebook and saving the modified Notebook - all without the GUI
  • From: Arturas Acus <arturas.acus at>
  • Date: Fri, 24 Feb 2012 00:57:35 -0500 (EST)
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Dear Mundi

Probably not exactly what you want, but may be you can use something
from below.

First of all to run graphical Mathematica programs like Plot from
command line you need to run vnc server

vncserver :1

Then You can use JLink in the following way

----------------- put into somefile.m --------------

whereIam = "/home/acus/";
$Path = Append[$Path, whereIam];

$FrontEndLaunchCommand = "mathematica -mathlink -display :1 -nogui";
arprisijungiau = ConnectToFrontEnd[];
Put[arprisijungiau, "testNon.txt"]

tempNotebookName = "test1.nb";
grMain1 = UseFrontEnd[Plot[Sin[x], {x, 0, Pi}]];

If[tempNotebookName =!= "EvaluationNotebook[]", If[
(tmpNb = NotebookOpen[ToFileName[whereIam, tempNotebookName]]
) === $Failed, SetDirectory[whereIam];
tmpNb = CreateDocument[]; NotebookSave[tmpNb, tempNotebookName];
SelectionMove[tmpNb, After, Notebook];
Prepend[(Cell[{ToBoxes[#]}] & /@
{grMain1, grErr1, grStep1,
Cell["Parameters {\[Lambda],\[Mu],g,a}: " <>
NumberForm[#, {3, 4}] & /@ N[{\[Lambda], \[Mu], ggg, aa}]]]=
"Subsection"]], Open]];
PutAppend[rezults, tempNotebookName];
NotebookClose[tmpNb, Interactive -> False];,
CellPrint /@ {grMain1, grErr1, grStep1}]]


Then simply:

math < ./somefile.m > outIfYouWant.txt

So, you need:
1. vnc server
2. configure to connect front end using JLink.
3. To use UseFrontEnd[] for graphical commands and
4. properly print cells for nice output to the notebook your are working

Of course, "simple" is not so simple.

Sincerely, Arturas Acus

Kt, 2012 02 23 05:46 -0500, C. Mundi ra=F0=EB:
> Surely there is a "simple" way to tell Mathematica from the command
> line to run a notebook and save the state of the notebook! 
We would have hoped for something like "mathematica.exe --nogui --notebook
> Test.nb" would work, especially if we embedded something like
> "NotebookSave[]; End[];" at the end of the file.
> We've been searching for an answer to this question for days, and none
> of the answers we've found actually solves our problem. So before you
> answer, please read my question, which I will try to make very clear
> with a very simple example at the risk of seeming pedantic.
> Given a Notebook file, Test.nb with a single cell
> In[1]:= Plot[Cos[x], {x, 0, 2 Pi}]
> we can open the Notebook in the front end, Evaluate the (whole)
> Notebook and get the expected Out which is a plot of a single cycle.
> We now save the notebook, using the GUI menus. We then open Test.nb
> in the front end and we see both the input expression and the output
> plot saved previously. Good.
> Now we want to do everything *without* the GUI. Let our INPUT be the
> original Test.nb file, i.e. inputs but no outputs yet. Let our RESULT
> be a modified Test.nb including the plot. We seek a sequence of batch-
> like commands which will transform our INPUT into our RESULT, viz.
> with no GUI interaction and in fact under the control of an external
> unix shell script. It is permissible for the script to cause
> mathematica to access files besides Test.nb.
> We need the output to be in NB form, because we need the embedded
> graphics. But we also need to evaluate the notebook in an automated,
> unattended way.
> At this time, solutions based on MathLink are not attractive to us.
> We have looked at FrontEndToken but have not yet found a way to effect
> the result we seek. We also note that some of the interesting
> FrontEndTokens -- particularly those related to Evaluate -- come with
> warnings that they are not yet fully integrated into the long-term
> plan for Mathematica. That sounds ominous.
> Gracias!

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