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Re: Does this make sense?

What's that you say? Logic??


On Sun, 01 Jan 2012 01:27:22 -0600, Armand Tamzarian  
<mike.honeychurch at> wrote:

> There is an option for Graphics called Method. The existence of this
> option is documented. However how the option works is apparently a
> secret! This from tech support:
> "Unfortunately, we cannot disclose those details that cannot be found
> in the documentation. I know that "technically", Method is a
> documented option for Graphics, but it does not show the details of
> the Method Option."
> This was in response to my request for details about Method. Some
> scraps of usage examples can be found in various forums where
> developers have posted this information but I was seeking a more
> complete list. For example I had asked tech support whether grid lines
> could be brought to the front in a graphic. It turns out they can and
> the way to do this, found by accident on a forum, is Method-
>> {"GridLinesInFront" ->True}.
> I understand why details of an undocumented option, presumably subject
> to change, would not be passed on to users. What I do not understand
> is why Wolfram would even list Method as an option to Graphics in the
> first place if users are never allowed to use it. What is the point?
> This seems to defy logic.
> Mike

DrMajorBob at

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