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Hi experts,

I want to plot via ListVectorPlot a Field of Vectors. I obtained the
vectors from a physics experiment. The Norm of all vectors is very
similar, and what is important is its direction!

Therefore, what I want to do now is: give each vector a color with a
different direction a different color, e.g., up to 0.5degree red, 0.5
to 1 degree yellow, etc.

The Problem: The norm of each vector is used as argument for the
function that determines the color, according to the help

"With the setting VectorColorFunction->func, the arguments supplied to
func are as follows" ,...., x,y,Subscript[v, x],Subscript[v,
y],Norm[{Subscript[v, x],Subscript[v, y]}]"

Does anyone have an idea for a workaround?



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