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Re: MatrixPower problem

roby <roby.nowak at> wrote:

> Well, this is strangely.
> When dou you get the error, as soon as you enter: $Post :=
> Map[If[MatrixQ@#, MatrixForm@#, #] &, #, {0, Infinity}] &
> or not until you enter some matrix ?
> Which version of Mathematica do you use ?

8.04.0 for Students.

But now it says:

In[1]:= $Post:=Map[If[MatrixQ@#,MatrixForm@#,#]&,#,{0,Infinity}]&
In[2]:= {1,1}
Out[2]= {1,1}

And when I remove the ampersand, all output is preceded with an #-like

Since it is around a week ago since I posted it, I don't recall how I
did it.

> I tested flawless with 7.0, 8.0
> You could try to replace infinity by some "sufficient" high integer
> e.g.: $Post := Map[If[MatrixQ@#, MatrixForm@#, #] &, #, {0, 1000}] &

Per Erik Rønne
Errare humanum est, sed in errore perseverare turpe

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