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Re: log-like symbols?

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  • Subject: [mg124530] Re: log-like symbols?
  • From: Murray Eisenberg <murray at>
  • Date: Sun, 22 Jan 2012 07:29:31 -0500 (EST)
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A simple(-minded?) explanation: try instead just creating a Text cell

   This is a test

with _no_ in-line math there. Copy it as LaTeX and look at the result in 
a text editor. You'll see that the text is inside a LaTeX \text{} function.

I presume the purpose is to protect the user from inadvertently pasting 
what should really be text into a LaTeX math expression or display-math 
environment and having it interpreted as a long product of symbols.

And I suppose the underlying reason for having that protection was the 
expectation that users would ordinarily just be copying into LaTeX math.

On 1/21/12 5:16 AM, Alan wrote:
> In answer to Murray's question, some LaTeX symbols are called "log-like":
> This affects how they are typeset.
> Bill's answer gave me a good clue:
> if I am entering math in StandardForm,
> then such log-like symbols are recognized by Mathematica,
> although it does not display them differently.
> E.g., if I enter ln(x) in a math cell and then
> change to StandardForm I get Log[x] displayed.
> But now I am puzzled by the meaning of cell styles.
> Suppose I enter the following in a cell given a "Text" style:
>    Test: ctrl-( ln(x) ctrl-)
> and then copy it as LaTeX.  What I expect to get is
>    Test: $\ln(x)$
> What I get instead is:
>    \text{Test: }
>    \ln (x)
> Why is Mathematica treating a "Text" cell as a math environment?
> Thanks,
> Alan Isaac

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