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Re: Compile function and AppendTo for lists (vrs. 8.0.4)


using Oleks Internal`Bag suggestion, think of a list as a bag of numbers
and you can use this as replacement for the lists in your compile. Using
Oleks append-to version as comparison 

appendTo = 
 Compile[{{k, _Integer, 0}}, 
  Module[{mat = {{0, 0}}, i = 0}, 
   For[i = 1, i <= k, i++, AppendTo[mat, {1, i}]];

and here is the Internal`Bag implementation

AppendTo[$ContextPath, "Internal`"];
appendBag = Compile[{{k, _Integer}},
   Module[{p = Bag[], i = 1, tmpBag},
    For[i = 1, i <= k, ++i,
     tmpBag = Bag[];
     StuffBag[tmpBag, 1];
     StuffBag[tmpBag, i];
     StuffBag[p, tmpBag];
    Table[BagPart[BagPart[p, i], All], {i, k}]

Speedtest shows

In[55]:= First /@ {AbsoluteTiming[appendTo[10^5]],

Out[55]= {14.559237, 0.149063}

that the bag implementation is about 100 times faster. Unfortunately
there doesn't exist much documantation about this. One place to look is
here where Daniel gives some
insights into the usage.

Hope this helps.


On Tue, 2012-01-24 at 05:06 -0500, kris wrote:
> Hi
> I have some trouble with my code and would like ask for your help. In
> general it is about appending data in form of a list to an existing
> list in a compiled function. As far as I understand Mathematica is not
> supporting what I am asking for. In order to understand the problem in
> more detail I present some "toy" code below.
> test=Compile[{{k,_Integer}},
> Module[{mat={}},
> For[i=1,i<=k,i++,
> AppendTo[mat,{1,i}];
> ];
> mat
> ]
> ];
> test[2]
> (*which produces an error*)
> Appending data in form of numbers for example works just fine but not
> with lists. Can anybody explain why Mathematica does not support
> appending lists to lists for compiled function? As an alternative I
> tried Reap and Sow, which also produces an error.
> However, what seems funny is the following code:
> mat={};
> test=Compile[{{k,_Integer}},
> For[i=1,i<=k,i++,
> AppendTo[mat,{1,i}];
> ];
> ];
> test[2];mat
> The above code produces the result that I was looking for in a
> cumbersome way. I would like to prefer compile code which produces the
> same result without calling the list mat again.
> Thanks for help I do appreciate it.
> Cheers,
> Kris

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