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Re: navigate notebook, further question

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  • Subject: [mg124684] Re: navigate notebook, further question
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  • Date: Tue, 31 Jan 2012 05:38:14 -0500 (EST)
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I might be mistaken but I think that Goto only works within a group of
statements that are in the same cell. In any case, the difficulty with many
of these approaches is that they drag us away from the math or science into
computer science or administrative tasks. The WRI notebook interface isn't
perfect but it is reasonably good and one can make nice looking notebooks
and navigate through them if one accepts the paradigm.


Why can't one close a large input cell? Do you mean one that is many pages
long and the problem is to navigate through that cell? I would think that
might be rather questionable programming style. Are there extremely long
irreducible algorithms? Sounds like Creation Mathematics. (There probably
are, but I bet they are extremely uncommon for most work.)  In any case you
can use Menu -> Cell -> Cell Properties Open/Close to open and close a long
Input cell. The PresentationsToolbar style sheet has a button at the top,
Show/Hide, that does this a little more conveniently. 


One method to organize a notebook is to develop a routine in a developmental
Section within the notebook. Then when you have it working and tested move
it to a Subsection in a Routines Section near the top of the notebook, add a
usage message and make it an Initialization cell. Then get rid of the
developmental Section. The routine is out of sight but accessible if you
have to revisit it. Sometimes I make the Routines group header a light gray
color to de-emphasize it from the "reading" part of the notebook. Also, if
you need the routine in another notebook you know where to look for it and
can copy it over. If you want to put it into a package it is all set to go.
Sometimes I refer to the Routines section as Package Purgatory, a place to
keep routines until they prove their worth.



David Park

 <mailto:djmpark at> djmpark at 





From: Alexei Boulbitch [mailto:Alexei.Boulbitch at] 


Dear David, dear MathGroup members,


The approach formulated by David as well as by some other MathGroup members
is good, of course, except for the case when a huge code is placed into a
single cell of the notebook. Though this case seems somewhat pathological
from the first glance, one may sometimes find it useful. In this case
closing cells is out of question, but still navigation may be desirable. 


I wonder, if it would be possible to make a personal navigation using Goto,
Label and InputField. Namely, if it would be possible to create a palette
with the input field

where one can type in the labels names placed in the code body to jump to
the point, this becomes such a navigation system.  Probably the same
approach might be used to navigate over cells. I should admit though I did
not succeed making such a palette.


Have you any idea of how to make that?


Best, Alexei

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