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Re: why is imagelines performance so bad?


On 7/28/12 1:39 , larry wrote:
> Why is ImageLines performance so bad when I have cleaned up an image to have thick checkerboard pattern but ImageLines produces a lot of extra lines. I don't see where it's getting it.
> Can we add images here?

It would be nice to see the problematic image; perhaps with suitable
settings of the parameters and the method option the results could be

For example on this checkerboard the automatic settings work just fine:

img = ImageResize[
  Image[ArrayPad[IdentityMatrix[2], 3, "Reflected"], "Bit"], 256,
  Resampling -> "Nearest"]

e = EdgeDetect[img]

l = ImageLines[e];

Show[img, Graphics[{Blue, Thick, Line /@ l}]]

Matthias Odisio
Wolfram Research

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