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InverseZTransform numerical issue on some expression, version 8.0.4

Using 8.0.4 on windows 7

InverseZTransform[1/(0.9512294245007143 -1.9512294245007142  z+z^2),z,n]

does NOT generate an answer.  But

InverseZTransform[1/(0.9512294245 -1.9512294245 z+z^2),z,n]

does. I simply chopped few digits (kept removing one digit
at a time until it worked)


In order to get a result since I had a feeling it is a numerical

screen shot

question is: Is this due to numerical issue? and
how to better handle this whole thing. Clearly what I did
above is not what I would do all the time. May be I am
missing an option or something else. Because in a larger
program, I would need to make sure InverseZTransform
worked all the time or a way to check if it did not work.


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