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Re: some Experience with webMathematica

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  • Subject: [mg126955] Re: some Experience with webMathematica
  • From: Andre Koppel <akoppel at>
  • Date: Wed, 20 Jun 2012 03:49:57 -0400 (EDT)
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Hi Yuri,
the problems are submitted to Wolfram research. Hopefully they will
do some coding to get the stuff running within this new (12 years old)
century. Meanwhile I got the information, that the original developer
of the Live3D-Java applet was dead. So the complete development has
droped down to zero. Often a project was connected to one person only
and if this person was gone, the project stops. I think, Wolfram must do 
several cading/changes in the near future to get webMathematica
Am 15.06.2012 21:28, schrieb Yuri Fadeev:
> Hi Andre,
> I've webMath v.3.0.1 (not 3.1) but i guess there isn't big difference
> regarding this issue.
> Unfortunately all Java functionality for newer Mathematica functions
> based on LiveGraphics3D seems to be a bit obsolete.. As I know
> original package developer haven't released public versions since
> 2005~2006 and it was intended for Mathematica versions up to 6.0 (not
> including).. later versions in accordance to description formally were
> not fully supported. Wolfram did include assembly for my webMath dated
> 2006 on Java:1.6.0..
> You can check for more details (including debugging options) here:
> or try to contact him directly if you wish.
> Within examples there I haven't seen any which would include multiple
> complex shape objects.
> (Don't install live.jar (..webMathematica\Resources\applets\live.jar)
> version 1.90 as it seems to me like is older than the one
> webMathematica has build in / 1.92 or 1.93).
> The only possible way I see to get a bit more control over it - is to
> change some default/initialization options for Live3D
> in ..webMathematica\WEB-INF\Applications\MSP\MSP.m because error
> emerges on communication step between MSP assembly and live.jar ,
> newer functions seems to pass more options from MathKernel which are
> not filtered/adjusted accordingly via MSP interface (in transition to
> primitives or via replacement rules/functions for Graphics3D options)
> resulting in output failure (for instance BarChart3D or
> SmoothHistogram3D with MSPLive3D will fail because without command
> Ticks->None live.jar applet receives some junk it can't interpret
> properly).
> Perhaps it might be easier to work around this package/functions or
> even reassemble another one (.jar) =)
> With my version i've been disappointed with failure of some newer
> functions, and yet omitting interactivity - it works like a charm via
> standard 2D image injection to webpage.
> P.S. since you can't really see live.jar applet full errors you still
> can track/debug missed errors on mathematica FrontEnd {via
> Needs["MSP`"]}, or WorkBench or check webMathematica.log/
> KernelEvents.log in your ..Program Files\Apache Software Foundation
> \Tomcat 7.0(version)\logs folder (although since as i can see u hv
> Linux in ur /opt/apache-tomcat-6.0.35/logs)

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