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Re: plot legend with filling

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  • Subject: [mg126968] Re: plot legend with filling
  • From: Bob Hanlon <hanlonr357 at>
  • Date: Thu, 21 Jun 2012 05:17:26 -0400 (EDT)
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ListPlot[{v1, v2},
    Frame -> True,
    Axes -> False,
    Filling -> Axis,
    PlotStyle -> {
        {AbsolutePointSize[6], Red},
        {AbsolutePointSize[6], Blue}},
    FillingStyle -> {
        1 -> Directive[AbsoluteThickness[4], Blue],
        2 -> Directive[AbsoluteThickness[4], Red]},
    PlotLegend -> {"v1", "v2"},
    LegendPosition -> {-0.75, 0.25},
    LegendSize -> 0.3,
    LegendShadow -> None]

Bob Hanlon

On Jun 20, 2012, at 3:50 AM, Francisco Gutierrez <fgutiers2002 at> wrote:

> Dear group:
> I have two arrays of numbers, think of something like this:
> v1={{1.15,0},{1.15,3},{2.15,1},{2.15,7},{3.15,3},{3.15,9},{4.15,5},{4.15,7}}
> v2={{1,1},{1,5},{2,1.8},{2,6},{3,3.5},{3,10},{4,4},{4,6}}
> I want to make a graph with these two arrays, where I get:
> a. A line from the x axis to each point in each array
> b. A legend, with say v1 red and v2  blue
> c. Each array has its own filling style (different color, thickness, etc.).
> The problem is that I can find ways of plugging in two of these characteristics, but not all three. For example:
> <<PlotLegends`
> p1=ListPlot[v1,  Filling->Axis, FillingStyle->Directive[AbsoluteThickness[4], Blue]]
> p2=p2=ListPlot[v2,  Filling->Axis, FillingStyle->Directive[AbsoluteThickness[4], Red]]
> Show[p1,p2], but then I did not manage to find the way of using Show and PlotLegend at the same time.
> Or I can put both arrays into a Listplot command, but then I did not find how to attribute a different color AND thickness to the filling of each array.
> I'm using Mathematica 8
> Can somebody help me?
> Francisco

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