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Re: some Experience with webMathematica

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  • Subject: [mg127083] Re: some Experience with webMathematica
  • From: Yuri Fadeev <jurasea at>
  • Date: Fri, 29 Jun 2012 04:49:32 -0400 (EDT)
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Dominik Hezel >>

1) You can't buy webMathematica, it mostly is kinda annual rent
contract. Or as they say (from my communication with them): "...the
only way we are able to license webMathematica is through a leased
licensing model which requires a sign one or 3 year contract..."

"...I would be very interested in trying it..."
2) Just request it via Wolfram sales/support team, they will provide
you with free trial versions (download/key) for both, Mathematica
+webMathematica (Amateur)..
The problem is their discriminative pricing model, it tends to
strongly depend on benefit organization might gain from package,
normally commercial usage license deployed on servers within US/Asia
markets (users+servers colocation) minimal cost would be ~400$ per
month just for webMathematica (+Mathematica license separately),
European market is at least +50%~+80% .. so your "$10.000" seems
hardly enough only for one year (including DC / server / OS /
Traffic / Servicing /Maintenance / Programming costs) ..

"..This all doesn't sound good. I am highly interested.."
3) live.jar (Java RE) or MSPLive3D functionality is only small part of
webMathematica, development of all other functions goes on.. even
MSPLive3D can be revived via "MSP.m" replacement rules adjustments of
live.jar assembly modifications (i gues it limited by license though,
and developer is out of reach :\ )

4) webMathematica as addon only helps you to provide web-interface or
establish communication link between mathematica and web to deliver
math kernel results via httprotocol, you can develop your own or use
build-in JLink/MathLink if it's ok with license agreement between your
organization and Wolfram.
Point is - there are so many much cheaper (free) alternatives for data
processing, charting, etc. a lot of API's have direct public access,
for instance google.. (SQL server chart controls, JavaScript,
ASP/.NET, VB, C#, SQL, etc.) .. Wolfram SW is sort of convenient tool
but it's also extremely high-cost instrument for ~90% of required
tasks.. i guess they are trying to extend market via injection into
educational institutions (by supplying cheap SW 4 students, academics
etc..), but with such pricing policy they can only keep small specific
market share.

5) I support opinion that Mathematica also became very power-consuming/
extensive SW and now asks 10 bits of computing resources for 1 bit of
data processing request... despite relatively cheap HW - it's not a
best option for bulk data analysis.

6) Public projects are available =) , All Amateur license sites should
be public, sample links are available on wolfram site
Deployed sample of latest package for instance can be found here:

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