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Re: Line Numbers in Files

this might work for you

OpenRead, Skip and Read.

table = RandomInteger[1000, {1000, 2}];
Export["./test.csv", table, "CSV"]
str = OpenRead["./test.csv"]
Skip[str, Record, 122]
Read[str, Record]


Am 29.02.2012 um 13:24 schr
ieb Don:

> I am getting a warning
> regarding one of the packages I have
> written which says the following:
> Syntax::com : 
>  Warning : Comma encountered with no adjacent expression. The
>     expression will be treated as Null.  (line 2333 of
>         "AFin6`UserFuncs`XFdData1`").
> Is there a way to go to the 
> a specific line number in a file?  Line 2333 above
> is impossible to locate otherwise.  
> With all  the amazing functionality in Mathematica,
> sometimes extremely simple things that
> are immediately obvious in other languages  turn out
> to be very difficult to find out how to do.  
> Thank you.
> Don

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