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Re: Mathematica loop help

On 13 Mrz., 09:10, Martin Scherer <martin.sche... at gcsc.uni-> wrote:
> Hi Anshu and Bill,
> I'am also very interested in the question whether you could back substitute the solution #i to the FindRoot #i+1 call. Please let me know, if and how you solved the problem!
> The solutions of FindRoot are in the format:
> {as -> 10., hs -> 1., ws -> 30., asl -> 10.0001, wsl -> 31.0003}
> and the starting solution is in format
> startSols := {{as , a}, {hs, h}, {ws, w}, {asl, a}, {wsl, w}}
> I think you need to convert the solutions list to a nested list {{x, number}, ...} again, so it can be used by FindRoot...
> Thank you in advance,
> Greetings,
> Martin

perhaps you ar looking for:

In[30]:= List@@@{as->10.,hs->1.,ws->30.,asl->10.0001,wsl->31.0003}
Out[30]= {{as,10.},{hs,1.},{ws,30.},{asl,10.0001},{wsl,31.0003}}


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