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Re: Mathematica NB file to LaTeX for publication?

For conversion of a Mathematica notebook to a LaTeX source file, you 
must first answer the question: what is the LaTeX equivalent of a 
Mathematica notebook cell?

In situations such as you suggest, a more viable alternative of course 
might be to write the paper in LaTeX, to do calculations and construct 
graphics, etc., in Mathematica, then export. Probably this is what 
you're doing.

While Mathematica users might wish for a world where the notebook were 
the medium of information exchange, let's face it: today in mathematics 
and allied fields, the medium is the LaTeX document (or perhaps the pdf 
document created from it).

On 4/30/12 4:41 AM, Dr. Robert Kragler wrote:
> While the conversion of a (sophisticated) Mathematica nb-file (with many inline
> formulae etc. ) into a pdf-file works perfectly (at least) with Mathematica V7 I
> always have a problem with the requirement of conference organizers who request
> to submit a Mathematica paper in LaTeX form for the proceedings.
> With the highly advanced Mathematica FrontEnd which easily allows writing texts
> with sophisticated mathematical notation I think it is a step-back to rewrite
> the same paper as a LaTeX document again.
> My question to MathGroup community : is there a program to convert a Mathematica
> nb-file directly into a LaTeX file? Any suggestions are welcome.

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