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Re: How Can I Make A String Variable With Styled Text?

One should be able to do this with the function Interpretation;
however, Interpretation does not seem to work properly with strings.
I "interpret" that as a bug...

Thus, I believe that one should be able to define

temp = Interpretation[
  Row[{Style["This is boldface.", Bold], "  The rest is not."}],
  "This is boldface.  The rest is not."]

and then be able to execute some thing like,


and get the list of characters in the string.  This, however, does not


On Nov 24, 2:31 am, Gregory Lypny < at> wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> I have a string variable
> myString = "This is boldface.  The rest is not."
> When I execute myString, I want the first sentence to appear in bold type.  Selecting the sentence and formatting it as bold when I create the string does not work.  StringForm will do the trick, as in
>         myString = StringForm["`` The rest is not.", Style["This is boldface", Bold]]
> but, of course, the Head of myString will no longer be String.  Is there any other way to do this?
> Gregory

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