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Re: ChartStyle in BoxWhiskerChart

(* well i think the properties you mentioned are done automatically
for you, using one possible style.  there are many options.  sorry I'm
unsure what shape you want as a result of what data at each point of
interest. *)

(* here is a book example that uses oblong disks, from mm v 4.0
another way is to simply plot whatever you want separately and
DisplayTogether them.  . for whisker I think you want to use:
ChartElementFunction in the way ErrorBarFunction is used. *)

mybarfunc[pt_, ErrorBar[xerr_, yerr_]] :=
   Disk[pt, {Max[Abs[xerr]], Max[Abs[yerr]]}]})

  {{{1, 2},     ErrorBar[0.2, 0.4]},
   {{1.5, 3.2}, ErrorBar[0.4, 0.2]},
   {{3, 2.5},   ErrorBar[0.3, 0.1]},
   {{4.4, 5.2}, ErrorBar[.2, {-0.5, 0.3}]},
   {{5.5, 2.1}, ErrorBar[{-0.4, 0.3}, {-0.2, 0.5}]} },
ErrorBarFunction -> mybarfunc]

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