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Re: Simplify a complex expression

Am 11.04.2013 00:39, schrieb Polal2is:
> Dear all,
> I have a cumbersome complex expression to simplify the problem is that Conjugate[z] and z are always split I would like a simplified expression involving Abs[z]^2
> as much as possible. How can I tell Mathematica to do it ?
> --
> Thanks a lot in advance


  tell ComplexExpand that z is a complex number and select Abs and Log 
as target functions:

In[1]:= ComplexExpand[z + Conjugate[z], z,
  TargetFunctions -> {Abs, Log}]

Out[1]= z + Abs[z]^2/z

if this leads to too many Logs, try

In[2]:= z + Conjugate[z] + ArcTan[I z] /. Conjugate :> (Abs[#]^2/# &)

Out[2]= z + Abs[z]^2/z + I ArcTanh[z]



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