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Re: parametric plot and filling

Am 20.08.2013 13:36, schrieb Francisco Gutierrez:
> Dear group:
> DoesParametricPlot admit the Filling option? Seems it not? How then to perform it?
> Lokk at the following simple example:
> ParametricPlot[{{2 t,-t^2},{6+ 2 t,-t^2}}, {t,-2,2},Axes->{True,False}, Ticks->None, PlotStyle->{{Thick,Cyan},{Thick,Green}}]
> The if I introduce the Filling command inside PlotStyle nothing happens, and outside it produces an error. Any ideas?
> francisco

Produce lists of the parametric plots and use ListLinePlot which is the 
most universal primitive with respect ot options

lists = Table[{{2 t, -t^2}, {6 + 2 t, -t^2}}, {t, -2, 2, 0.02}];

ListLinePlot[Transpose[lists], Filling -> Axis]

Transpose is needed to re-index the lists of pairs of points into two 
lists of points.


Roland Franzius

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