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remove the decimal dot from ticks?

Hi everybody, I am new in here.
I am seeking help for a problem I have with the ticks and I am not an experienced user.

I am preparing 2D graphs with double y-axis. So I was rescaling the data for the second y-axis and rescaling the ticks too. 

The problem is that after doing that the ticks on the primary y-axis are printed with the decimal dot and are also more frequent than by  using the simple ListLinePLot.

Can anybody help please? 

y1graph = 
  ListLinePlot[xy, Axes -> True, PlotRange -> {rangeX, rangeY}, 
   PlotStyle -> Directive[
     AbsoluteDashing[ mydashing[[ 1 ]] ],  GrayLevel[mygray[[1]] ], 
     AbsoluteThickness[ mythickness[[1]]]  ]
y2graph = 
  ListLinePlot[xy2, Axes -> True, PlotRange -> {rangeX, rangeY2}, 
   PlotStyle -> Directive[
     AbsoluteDashing[ mydashing[[ 2]] ],  GrayLevel[mygray[[2]] ], 
     AbsoluteThickness[ mythickness[[2]]]  ]

{y1range, y2range} = 
  Last[PlotRange /. AbsoluteOptions[#, PlotRange]] & /@ {y1graph, 

y1ticks = Last[Ticks /. AbsoluteOptions[y1graph, Ticks]];
y2ticks = (MapAt[Function[r, Rescale[r, rangeY2, rangeY]], #, {1}] & /@
     Last[Ticks /. AbsoluteOptions[y2graph, Ticks]]);

y2graph = 
  y2graph /. 
   Graphics[graph_, s___] :> 
      RescalingTransform[{{0, 1}, rangeY2}, {{0, 1}, rangeY}]], s];

Show[y1graph, y2graph, Axes -> False, Frame -> True,  
 ImageSize -> 72 figuresize, PlotRange -> {rangeX, rangeY}, 
 FrameStyle -> {GrayLevel[0], {Automatic, Transparent}}, 
 FrameTicks -> {{y1ticks, y2ticks}, {Automatic, Automatic}}]

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