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strange behaviour of ListPlot with PlotStyle options in Mathematica 9

Hi there,

In Mathematica 8.0.4 both commands below show a graph in red color.

ListPlot[RandomReal[10, 20], Joined->True, PlotStyle->{{Red},{Green},{Blue}}]

ListPlot[{RandomReal[10, 20]}, Joined->True, PlotStyle->{{Red},{Green},{Blue}}]

However, in Mathematica 9.0, the first command line shows a blue graph and the second one a red graph.

I used to have my customized PlotStyle options as a list of attibutes, but when I have just one set of points to graph, Mathematica 9 picks up only the last  attribute of the list instead of the first one (as I think it should be).

It seems that something changed with the new version of Mathematica about how the Plot options are read.


   Jose M. Martinez
   Ph.D. Student
   Department of Electronic Engineering
   Universidad Tecnica Federico Santa Maria
   Valparaiso, Chile

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