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Re: anyone know of software to recover .nb files from

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  • Date: Wed, 24 Jul 2013 22:04:07 -0400 (EDT)
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Preserve the information on the disk by using a Linux live CD,
or equivalent, and use the 'dd' command to copy the raw disk
image to a file on another, larger disk.

Say your hard disk is /dev/sdb  and you want to copy the raw contents
into a binary file. Also say your big backup disk is mounted
at /media/mysparedisk

dd if=/dev/sdb of=/media/mysparedisk/drive_image.bin

If you use an Ubuntu live CD, you can set up you hard disks
in this way.

You don't want to actually mount your original drive
with the data on it. You can, however find out which
device it is by noting the drives size and the comparing
to the partition list in /proc/partitions

Boot with the live CD and you hard disk connected and
run the following command to list partitions:

cat /proc/partitions

You *can* mount your destination drive where you want to make
the drive image file. Make a directory where you will mount the
destination disk, and then use the mount command to connect to the
partition where you want to store you files.

sudo  su

cd /
mkdir /DRIVE

mount /dev/sdc1 /DRIVE

Then go your 'dd' command:

dd if=/dev/sdb of=/DRIVE/disk_image.bin

This will make a file that you can then analyze
for you .nb files.

Once done (takes a LOOOooooonnnnggggg!!!! time) make
sure you un-mount your destination disk , or follow the
correct shutdown procedure for the OS.

cd /
umount /DRIVE

shutdown -h now

If you're not familiar with Linux the manuals for all of these
commands are online or can be found with a search engine.

Switching from the 'desktop' mode to 'command line' mode with
and Ubuntu live CD is done by using <CTRL><ALT><F1>  and then
<CTRL><ALT><F7> switches back to desktop mode.

A live CD is a useful tool in cases like these.

Good luck!


On 13-07-23 02:19 PM, parr.will at wrote:
> Hi,
> I recently had some mathematica .nb files deleted from a disk (HDD of a PC). This was done by reformatting the disk. There are many software programs that can recover files from re-formatted HDDs, but the files they recover are usually common files such as .doc, .xls, .jpeg etc...
> Does anyone know of a good recovery software that can recover .nb (mathematica) files? Or how else I can go about this? I know the files are still on the harddrive and have not been written over as an initial attempt to recover the files found all the surrounding .doc .xls etc... files and the .tiff files that I had produced using some of the .nb files.
> thank you,
> Will

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